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Georgian citizens from 21 to 65 years old

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The loan application will be accepted online and at the branch.

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The reason for the refusal of the loan may be the negative credit history of a borrower, or the company's requirements, which can not be satisfied by the borrower.

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Payment can be paid by the Bank of Georgia Pay Payment

By device, select:
"Banks, Insurance, Microfinance → GIROCREDIT → Loan repayment", Specify your personal number
or your loan number and enter the amount you need to cover.

By bringing the amount to the bank account of "Giro Credit" Bank of Georgia

Name of the Receiver - Giro Credit
Bank of Georgia - GE43BG0000000282086900
Destination - Loan repayment XXXXXXXX (X Loan number or personal number instead of X)

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The amount of loan depends on existing liabilities and incomes. Filling the application for the loan is not limited.