Microfinance Organization GIRO CREDIT The main activity of which is to conduct financial transactions was established on October 21, 2010 by the National Bank of the National Bank for its activities as a Microfinance Organization, which further increased its share of financial institutions. In addition, the organization with high quality and favorable credit conditions for reliability.

Job location: Tbilisi
working hours: Employee 2 full day vacation, 1 full day (24 hours) working, break in the night hours - 3 hours.
refund : From the 700 GEL - above, the plan will accrue bonuses (salary increments).
Job Title: Cashier, Expert Appraiser
Job location: Tbilisi

Qualification requirements
• High education;
• At least one year experience of working with cash;
• Knowledge of the Golden Graduation at the professional level is desirable to know the diamond;
• Knowledge of office programs;
• Knowledge of Russian and English speaking languages;

Main responsibilities:
• Gold, diamond assessment and signing of agreements;
• Currency Conversion Operations;
• Cash Management and Control in Cashier;
• Correct and perfectly performing file-tracking [tracking / processing / storing of information];
• Client's quality, fast and qualified service;
• Establishing a polite, positive attitude towards the client;

Personal skills:
• Job Planning and Organizing Skills;
• Convincing communication skills;
• Ability to teamwork;
• Hardworking, energetic, and intentional;
• Having a sense of responsibility;

Position: call center operator
Location: Tbilisi
start date: 20.04.2018
end date: 10.06.2018
Main responsibilities:

Customer phone service
Email Provide consultation with the customer through the mail and chat
Provision of high quality services in compliance with standards and guidelines
To divert incoming calls with the appropriate person
Registration of users and improvement of bases
In case of need, a user survey is based on a survey questionnaire
Perform other tasks of the head of the structural subdivision

Qualification requirements:

high education
At least 1 year experience in service delivery
MS OFFICE Good knowledge
Knowledge of Russian and English languages

Personal qualities:

Absolute verbal and written communication skills
Planning and analytical thinking skills
Details oriented
High sense of responsibility
Accuracy and concentration ability
Ability to work independently

Please send your resume (CV) email address to interested parties: infogirocredit@gmail.com Enter the vacancy title in the subject.